Choices I can’t choose

I’m really struggling with my final project for this class. (For anyone reading who’s not in the know, I’m writing a proposal for my master’s portfolio.) I’ve always suffered from a general lack of direction in terms of career. I never wanted to pick an undergraduate major, and I still stutter around quite a bit when people ask me what I’m going to do with my master’s degree. So, my main dilemma is that I don’t know how much to focus my portfolio. My two major interest areas are medical and visual rhetoric. The biggest paper in my portfolio will be on the visual rhetoric of ultrasound — a neat combination of the two. (Chapter 8 of Practices of Looking is tailor-made to be a source for that paper.)

Thus far, I’ve spent time thinking about the final format of the portfolio as well as what I want its ultimate purpose to be (aside from getting that master’s degree). I hope to use my portfolio — which will take shape as a web site — for the very practical purpose of getting a job I will love. I also want it to be something I can add to so that I can chronicle my academic work in the event that I start work toward a doctoral degree in the future. With the format and purpose decided upon, the content is making me draw a big blank. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll create sections within the portfolio — maybe something like “Visible Rhetoric,” “Medical Rhetoric,” “Journalism,” and “Other Professional Writing Projects.” I also think I’d like to include a section about my teaching experience, minimal though it is. Something like this might be ideal.

Suggestions, anyone?


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