Facebook vs. MySpace

I just happened upon this CNN story about the “class divide” between Facebook and MySpace. (The article also discusses several other social networking technologies, though Facebook and MySpace are the foci.)

While I think this article articulates a feeling that most users of the sites already deal with, at least subconsciously, it also brings another nuance to the forefront. Take a look at this quote, about halfway down: “I don’t mean to be a racist or anything, but MySpace is like, ghetto.”

And, farther down:

“Multiracial students tended to have more Facebook friends than students of other backgrounds and were often the sole connection between white and black circles, Kaufman said.

Nonetheless, Kaufman feels that social networks may one day help us overcome our instinct to associate with those who share our income level, education, or racial background.”

Interesting stuff … and it seems to play into our text for this week, depending on how one defines “indigenous media.” (More on that tomorrow … )


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