7: Blakeslee/Fleischer Prompts, Ch. 3

Prompt 2 (Blakeslee p. 41): Developing a Criteria Sheet for Your Proposal

Checklist for evaluating my research proposal

  • Does the proposal have a clear research question about gender and tech comm?
  • Does the literature review address gaps in existing work that my research fills in?
  • Do I explain how I came to be interested in tech comm and in gender studies?
  • Do I explain that my goal is to examine how gender affects communication practices?
  • Do I map out  my plans and methods for evaluating how gender affects tech comm practices?
  • Do I explain who the audience is? (Is the audience other researchers or laypeople? If it’s laypeople, where does one publish such a study?)
  • Do I include anticipated outcomes? (This study should produce an article and could be incorporated into a dissertation.)
  • Does the proposal discuss potential bias?
  • Does the proposal discuss the IRB process?

Prompt 3 (Blakeslee p. 41): Planning Your Research

Alternative 3: Developing an idea map; see image below.

Research map

Research map


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