Mountain Lion

Today I finally found time to do a little research on the latest Mac OS, Mountain Lion. For the record, I’m a slow adopter when it comes to OS updates. I get attached. I like the familiarity of the way things work, and changing my habits takes time and patience … both of which I have only in short supply. Need proof? I never even updated to Lion. The most recent Mac OS I have on any device is Snow Leopard. And I’m not even admitting what I run on my 2006 Macbook.

But Mountain Lion looks kinda awesome. Check it out:

For one thing, it looks like this is an OS that is actually driven by and designed for cloud technology … something that took an exceptionally long time to get around to. I’m almost willing to pay for the $20 upgrade just for the fancy new notifications system.

Want to know more? Check out what others are saying or just go to the source. I’ll update once I’ve decided if I like Mountain Lion as much as I think I will. (Plus, writing blog entires will presumably be easier with the new OS!)


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