Learnist: Pinterest for education?

I’ve been thinking for a long time about ways to use Pinterest in the classroom, and I have friends who have actually mustered the energy to take on that challenge. Lo and behold, something even more targeted for such purposes!

Screenshot of Learnist home page

Screenshot of Learnist home page

Learnist appears a lot like Pinterest, but is specifically targeted at, well, learning. Even though I detest programs that force me to use my Facebook profile to sign up, I was intrigued enough to take the plunge.  And now I have to learn a new vocabulary. “Pins” are now “learnings.”

Screenshot of what a "learning" is

I’m not sure I like the progress narrative that’s happening here:

Screenshot of explanation of progressing through learnist

But I am really interested in the idea of a sort of intellectual Pinterest, and I’m excited to see if this thing catches on. Happy Pin … er … Learning!


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