Pedagogies of dissent

I’m still reviewing my notes from the Chandra Mohanty talk mentioned in my last post, and I came across her list of ideas for enacting pedagogies of dissent. As rendered through the lens of my perception (including my deciphering of my own  handwriting):

  1. Connect the academy to transnational movements and corporate/industrial interests
  2. Make power hierarchies transparent and connect to questions of social justice (Holy crap! It’s my dissertation!)
  3. Engage in institutional ethnographies and form watchdog groups within the university
  4. Make universities actively accountable to the public good
  5. Make security interests clear in the curriculum

I also remember Mohanty talking about her disgust with the ways that radical theories and pedagogies have become objects of consumption. I agree with her, but at the same time I’m glad that wider audiences are willing to entertain radical ideas. Or maybe the problems it that audiences’ consumption (read as “using up of”) of such ideas means they’re NOT actually thinking. Not sure. I’m still thinking about it. Really!


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