The danger of re-branding feminism

“Feminism is a mess, and needs to sort itself out. In order to be ‘relevant to young women today’ it needs to shave its legs and get a haircut. . . . But unfortunately there’s only so much you can ‘rebrand’ feminism without losing its essential energy, which is difficult, challenging, and full of righteous anger.”

This is why the term I choose to organize my work around–apparent feminism–retains the “f-word” as part of its explicit focus. Impassioned arguments that we need to leave the word feminism behind are among the most compelling evidence that insidious misogyny still exists and that feminism is as relevant today as it ever has been.

“[S]ome principles are more important than being universally adored, particularly by the sort of men who would prefer women to smile quietly and grow our hair out.” Read more of Laurie Penny’s response to the idea of rebranding feminism here:


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