Having just wrapped up the Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop (#FSDW14), I’m very excited to begin revisions on the dissertation chapter I brought to the exchange. My partners were generous and supportive in their feedback while also providing some really exciting ideas about areas to expand. In particular, I often worry that my literature reviews are a bit … ponderous. This problem can be exacerbated since I’m in technical communication (which I find fascinating … but I’m aware not everyone does!). I was thrilled to learn that my peers found most parts of the lit review useful and informative in this particular article. (Of course, this could have to do with their generous readings and inquisitive minds!)

More exciting than the feedback I received, though, was the opportunity to read smart work being done by cutting-edge feminist scholars. I read cultural analyses of the lonelygirl15 YouTube incident, the popular ABC series Once Upon A Time, and reactions to feminist bloggers. I don’t want to give away more details of this important work and steal any of my peers’ thunder, but keep your eyes peeled. I’m going to be citing some of these smart women in the near future.



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