HASTAC Bibliography

Check out this open, public annotated bibliography from HASTAC on Gender Bias in Academe:

Here’s the email teaser:

“The often unconscious and unintentional biases against women, including in academe, have been well documented in the autobiographical writings of authors such as Audre Lorde, Adrienne Rich, Patricia Williams, and bell hooks. But is the experience they document merely “subjective”?  Several recent social science research studies, using strictly controlled methodologies, suggest that these first-person accounts of discrimination are representative, not simply anecdotal.

The studies aggregated and summarized below offer important policy implications for the traditional ways that we count and quantify the processes leading to hiring, promotion, and tenure. These studies should be required reading of any administrators and faculty committees charged with decision-making. As much as possible, these studies supplement anecdotal accounts of gender discrimination with empirical evidence of bias.”


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