Toys and Tools in Pink

Colatrella coverCarol Colatrella is Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at Georgia Tech. She’s a prolific researcher whose work spans biomedicine, film studies, gender studies, healthcare, science writing/rhetorics, technology studies, and more. Toys and Tools in Pink: Cultural Narratives of Gender, Science, and Technology was published in 2011 by Ohio State University Press. This book takes on popular culture representations of women developing and engaging with science and technology, and it gives us language for thinking and talking about how such representations shape our understandings of women in science/tech fields as well as how historical representations remain embedded in the popular mind.

This post is intended to facilitate pre-reading for students in English 8780 at East Carolina University for Fall 2015, though anyone is welcome to participate. While I will chime in as part of the discussion below, I’m trying NOT to be a discussion leader here. So, I’m not offering any framing questions for this book at this point … go forth and discuss! 🙂


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