Clinic gives women the same ultrasound image

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Expectant mother Jennifer Cusimano got an inside look at her womb 20 weeks into her pregnancy with the help of BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging in Ontario, Canada, and was very happy with the results, Cosmopolitan reported. Cusimano was so pleased with the 3D ultrasound of her baby fetus, in fact, that she posted the picture to a Facebook group for moms-to-be, according to Global News Canada. Then fellow pregnant lady Carolyn Yeo posted an ultrasound.

It was the same picture.

No, Cusimano and Yeo are not expecting together. They simply both went to BabyView and handed over more than $100 with the expectation of receiving an image of their child.

“So me and her started talking,” Cusimano told Global News of Yeo, who got her ultrasound at 16 weeks, “and it was very clear the picture was the exact same—everything, the nooks, crannies, everything.”

It turns out, the two women aren’t the only ones having identical babies. “So I posted the two pictures online,” Cusimano explained, “and just asked other people’s advice, like ‘What do you think?’ And shortly after that my phone just blew up and people started coming forward saying, ‘I have that picture too.’” Currently, over 30 women have realized that they’ve received a picture of “their” baby that’s actually the same identical image.

Sooo this just happened… I am a part of a baby group with women all due In Sept.. We were all sharing our 3D pics and one women noticed “wow doesn’t this look EXACTLY like mine” come to find out we are both from Oshawa and BOTH went to Babyview in Pickering a month apart! We both called and got the run around and it was very evident they knew exactly what happened and we’re just beating around the bush saying bring the pics in and we will see what happens and I’ll give u a free session in a week etc etc… I am LIVID! These are the pics first one is mine and second is hers…

And there might be more: Cusimano started a private Facebook group for women to commiserate and see if this has happened elsewhere. Over 1,200 people are in the group, the description of which reads: “This is NOT okay, and someone needs to be held accountable!”

In response to Cusimano’s and others’ rage, BabyView has cited a technical glitch as the source of the clone babies. Darn those computer glitches and the fake baby pictures they make. Here’s BabyView’s full statement of excuses:

BabyView would like to update about the current issue related to pictures duplication. We truly understand your concerns however BabyView team always try to exercise all humanly possible measures to meet the highest standards to fulfill customers expectations. Our services are not only limited to providing pictures but also we do provide other valuable services, which include live video of your baby, heart beat and gender determination. Most of these services are performed in front of clients to give them a lifetime experience.

We regret that one of the services was compromised because of some technical glitch; however, we have already put some new protocols and procedures in place to avoid such incident in the future. We do apologize to our valuable customers for this unfortunate incident. To compensate we are looking forward to get the details of all those clients who were impacted and if they truly believe they were handed over the wrong pictures please come forward and drop us a quick email at ( with your details(Name , contact number, visit date , package purchased) and we can arrange a free-rescan or will fully refund you for the picture services.

Despite putting all humanly possible efforts to achieve 100% results, unfortunately there are still some dependencies that can’t be ignored during this process and to make it clear to our valued customers we provide them a chance to fully understand the type of service by giving them a consent form which is mandatory to sign before starting any procedure.

Few of the contents of that consent form are:

“Please be advised, not all babies are in an ideal position for a clear view of the face or the gender. Many factors affect how well you will see your baby, including the position of the baby, the placenta, face covering by their own body parts and the amount of amniotic fluid the baby has to move around in. BabyView cannot be responsible for the position or movement of your baby at the time of your ultrasound, nor can we guarantee the gender, however our success rate is extremely high (99% of the time gender is determined) and we promise to make every possible effort to work with your baby to obtain the best possible images. We ask that you enjoy the experience and keep your expectations realistic; as we provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your baby’s unique little personality”

BabyView truly regret and apologize on this unfortunate incident and will try to adapt all possible measures to avoid such situation in the future.

This BabyView location—which came under new management in December 2015—could start with measures like handing out real ultrasounds.



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