On abortion

My work has taken up abortion in the past, usually through what I would describe as common-sense, feminist accounts of the impact of state-level abortion legislation. I’ve read a lot about abortion and learned a lot over my years of study, but I still keep learning new things. (For example, while I don’t agree with all her premises, Katha Pollitt’s Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights taught me things I didn’t know after years of thinking about this issue.) Recently, I had another one of those experiences–while reading a Twitter thread shared by a friend, of all things. The link below is an essay-form version of that Twitter thread, by Gabrielle Blair. It’s a brilliantly argued account of some ways to eliminate abortion that have not been considered in the mainstream. (Be aware that this link contains descriptions of biological processes that sometimes include slang. If you’re interested in learning about how to prevent abortions, you have to be willing to engage biology and the ways people talk/think about it.) In short, these methods have not been made mainstream because they would inconvenience men; I think women matter just as much as men do, and thus we should consider some alternative ways of reducing/eliminating abortion.



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