Workplace fashion

Wow, this article provides a lot to think about. But the passage that really interested me was this one:

“Two years ago, the British government rejected calls to outlaw mandatory high-heel policy. Japan, where a heel policy is commonplace, is the latest battleground, with a vocal #KuToo campaign – a pun on kutsu, meaning shoe, kutsuu, meaning pain, and #MeToo.”

I had never heard of a workplace where heels were formally required. As someone with a blood clot that has taken up permanent residence in one leg, wearing heels for 8 hours would be a real problem–by which I mean both a pain and a health hazard–for me. I’m left wondering the same thing as with North Carolina’s bathroom law from a couple years ago: Why on earth do governments and companies feel the need to legislate people differently depending upon what’s in their pants? So strange.



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