Feministing says goodbye

I just found out that Feministing is closing up shop. And the reason why is close to my heart. From their goodbye post:

“As digital media has become corporatized, many independent news sites and blogs have been forced to shutter. As the New York Times reports today, unfortunately, we find ourselves among these. While we became more financially sustainable over the years—in large part thanks to the support of readers like you!—we ultimately couldn’t build a long-term funding model in today’s media environment that would allow us to compensate our team fairly for their valuable work.”

The corporatization and convergence of both print and digital media have narrowed the perspectives represented as “mainstream” over the last several decades. Social media have, of course, arisen to offer an even greater variety of perspectives, but they do so without the oversight of journalist integrity that made independent media sources so important.

I’m very sad to lose Feministing as a site to read.

Screenshot showing Feministing's blog post about why they're shutting down


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