I am committed to serving my students, peers, department, university, and community. As such, I engage in a wide variety of service activities. For example, as part of my dedication to social justice, I am a Safe Zone-trained GLBTQ Ally. My very favorite service activities are those that are hardest to make apparent in spaces like these; I am dedicated to mentorship.  As part of this dedication, I often accept invitations to guest lecture within my department, college, and community. I find that such opportunities are one of the best ways to make connections with students doing smart, interdisciplinary work that needs faculty support.

Some of my largest service projects right now are detailed below:

PhD English Jobs Group

I’ve researched, developed, and implemented a Jobs Group to prepare PhD students for the academic job market. The first year this group formally ran was 2015-16. The group teaches students about how the job market works, introduces them to standard materials, gives them practice with interviewing, and provides them opportunities to ask questions. This group also serves as a jumping-off point for additional, contra-professionalization activities. To learn more, visit the ECU Department of English Jobs Group website.

Communications Coordination

I served as Communications Coordinator for the East Carolina English department. In that role, I completely redesigned the department’s website, revived the department’s social media presence, instituted new means of promoting faculty’s work to the college and outside audiences, aligned the department’s communications with the college’s vision, and supervised many graduate assistants interested in learning about digital composition and social media management.

Publicity Work

In alignment with my role as Communications Coordinator, I also have produced a number of recruitment materials for my department. These include but are not limited to:

  • The 2014 and 2015 advertisements for the conference program of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
  • A full-color flyer to serve as a recruitment tool for the PhD program
  • A full-color flyer to serve as a recruitment tool for all graduate programs