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Schools hate boys?

Something about this recent article in TIME has been bothering me. I first read it because a Facebook friend posted it with a thoughtful comment about the role imagination plays in developing a social consciousness in children. This makes sense to me. Imagination is important. Raising children who want to do good in the world is laudable. But some of the logical leaps the article itself makes do not work for me; in fact, they are really troubling.

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Colbert on Copyright

Lolz. Check out Colbert’s take on Kirtsaeng v. Wiley, starting at 4:15 and going about 5 minutes.  (To give a radically reductive summary, Kirtsaeng v. Wiley is the case where a Cornell student from Thailand sold textbooks via eBay after friends sent them to him from overseas, where they are cheaper. Wiley, the publisher of some of those texts, sued.)


BP accused of participating in ‘culture of corporate recklessness’

Breaking news: BP will pay a record criminal fine in order to avoid criminal charges of gross negligence in relation to the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010.

This is a fascinating turn of events–particularly so because of the transnational implications of a UK-based company paying fines to the US government–and something I really wish I could have discussed in my forthcoming article “Transcultural Risk Communication on Dauphin Island: An Analysis of Ironically Located Responses to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.” (Alas, it’s already gone to press.)

Also of particular interest to me is the fact that this story appears in CNN.com’s “Money” section (and is also linked in its “Business” section) although I think it would have fit just as nicely in “Health” or “World.” (Of course, ideally, the story would have been placed under the non-existent “Environment” section.)


Iphone 5 is out today

So I updated my iPhone 4 just to see what would happen. It does look different, but I’m still figuring out if I like the content changes or not. Well, most of them. I already know the new map feature is terrible, but I’m optimistic about the rest. Meanwhile, in case anyone needed a reminder about culture+technology, there’s this: “It’s not even really about the phone, it’s about joining the party.” (From this video: http://cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2012/09/21/vo-japan-iphone-sale.cnn)

Games for Change

This is a link to Arizona State’s TeachOnline site about the 2012 Games for Change Conference. I am especially interested in the James Paul Gee talk on “Big G” games. (Partly because it’s a fascinating study on the “popular” uptake of theory.)