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Feminist Dads

A friend just sent me a link to a Time article, and it’s a really fantastic piece. Here are some highlights:

“Whether one calls oneself a feminist, it is undeniable that feminism and feminists have made the modern dad possible.”

“If you believe that dads are capable of diapering, feeding and raising children as well as women can, you might be a feminist.”

And, my very favorite, which gives me lots to think about:

“While I don’t insist that anyone label themselves, and I understand it’s easier to not use a label that comes with a lot of baggage and misconception, it’s obvious to me that the only reason “feminist” remains a bad word is that women (and anything associated with them) are still discriminated against. And, the fact that stereotypes of man-hating feminists persist (not to mention the visceral anger the word inspires) proves the point. Feminist is the only appropriate word for those that believe in the radical notion that women should be equal to men, and who understand that we live in a world of historically and culturally inscribed female disadvantage.”

Read the full piece here.


Girl Rising

Girl Rising is an important new activist movement to empower girls. Read more at their website, or view the trailer for the upcoming film below.