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No Longer Human

A re-post, because I know I’ll want to read this piece a few more times.
“[R]ecognizing the humanity of others has never before come at a cost to an entire class of people.” We need our legislators to stay out of such situations, or at least to think harder about the confluence of technology and humanity.

Full story here: http://www.thenation.com/blog/177873/no-longer-human#


Robots and resumes

I’ve been warning students lately (both in classes and whenever I give this workshop with Dr. Guiseppe Getto) that they really need to make sure to use appropriate key terms in their resumes and cover letters (while still remaining truthful to their professional identities, of course). That’s because all the rhetorical smarts in the world won’t change a robot’s mind if the right term isn’t there. Once or twice, when I’ve said this and gotten disbelieving looks from students, I’ve wondered if I read too much scifi. But that’s not it, because look!

How to Make Sure Your Resume Makes It Past the Robots


A feminist alternative to MOOCs: Distributed Open Collaborative Courses. DOCCs take all the good stuff from MOOCs but also emphasize collaborative learning and distributed knowledge by decentralizing authority. Hopefully, this will address the problem of retention in a way that is efficient for all participants.

Killing Us Softly 4

“At the same time that we allow our children to be sexualized, we refuse to educate them about sex.”

Jean Kilbourne is smart, articulate, and persuasive. What a great example of feminist apparency!

From Code.org: What Most Schools Don’t Teach